SingleCon™ is created to be a home where singles around the world will be free to animate their life to the point that settling is no longer an option!

WHERE: Miami, Florida USA

WHEN: February 13-16, 2020

WHO: Single individuals 21 & up


Early Bird tickets are available...NOW!

Regular priced tickets are available beginning November 29, 2019 (BLACK FRIDAY)

SingleConcame after countless singles expressed frustrations about not being understood for their desire to be single, the way they chose to be single or not knowing which direction to go once they found themselves to be single again. The purpose of SingleConis to create an experience where the result looks like single individuals knowing that they don’t need anything or anyone to complete them.


QUESTION: When will information about hotel, flight discounts, featured guests, etc be available?

ANSWER: All information will be provided via the website on Black Friday and by email to all who have completed the form below.

QUESTION: So what exactly is this?

ANSWER: This event is where you combine the empowerment of personal development, the excitement of a festival and the warmth of coming home!

QUESTION: Who is putting this on?

ANSWER: SingleConis being produced by the Leveaux Foundation which is a 501(c)3 organization. Proceeds from this event will support its various initiatives.

QUESTION: What if I am: LGBTQ+, Over 50 years old or a high income earner...will there be activities for me?

ANSWER: Not only will there be activities but YOU are our honored guest! There will be a complete experience catered just for you.

QUESTION: I am a speaker and I would like to apply for a chance to serve the single community. What do I need to do?

ANSWER: We are so ecstatic that you desire to add value to our community! The first thing to do is complete the registration below and choose your interest to "Being a Speaker/Facilitator". Once you submit your information be sure to check your email (to include your SPAM folder) where the application will be available for you to complete.

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